One Direction Drama

“many teenagers are coping with a sense of loss they’ve never felt before. To them, it is real, and incredibly painful.”

Can’t deal. Well, can’t stop laughing and cringing.

For someone who earned her Masters in teenage fangirl (thanks to my somewhat legendary obsession with the Backstreet Boys – go on, judge away) I find this ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

What kind of generation are we raising… they assume SELF HARM is the logical solution to bring a BOY back to a BAND. Yet, they have no feeling for a Germanwings crash the same day which obliterated the aircraft and all 150 people on board?

A boy – if I may add – looks like he is on the fast track to the 27 club.
A boy who would not be famous and have all that cash if it wasn’t for teens buying paraphernalia?
I mean a “survival guide for parents” – WTF!!!

If I cried too much – yes, I probably would have shed a few tears (though I didn’t when Kevin left…) – or even though about cutting my parents would have kicked my ass and put me on a one way trip to a psychiatric institute.

I would do the same to a kid who finds the departure of a person from a band to signal the end of the world…and resort to self harm. its a good thing I’m not a parent!!!

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