What’s wrong with the world?

I just don’t understand.

How does a person, with their own thoughts, opinions, beliefs; eschew it all to become a suicide bomber in the name of a greater good. What makes a person strap on bombs, carry weapons to target people. People like you and me. people who were in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The Paris attacks are the latest in a series of terror acts enveloping the world. We’ve seen bombs and missiles targeting passenger aircraft, schoolgirls kidnapped and killed, journalists gunned down/beheaded, national buildings attacked, public places vilified, holy sites destroyed.

Every religion has radicals so the argument of it being a particular religion as the problem is, well, bullshit. There will always be a myopia around those who do not want to understand it for what it is and find it easier to blame a religion.

The question in my mind is what psychological torture have these people been through to make them choose this life of inflicting terror and fear?
What has the world done to them to make them see through such a disturbing, narrow lens?

How did we warp minds and make these people.

Because, lets face it – we made them.

Radicals prey on the young, impressionable members of society. What did we do wrong to allow these terrorists to come into existence?

We live in a world of hashtags and status updates, of instant gratification and information at our fingertips. How have these radicals and terrorists isolated and twisted the minds of people.

Yes, I know I am naive. While I was born in a country that was at the tail end of apartheid – the emotional scars of which I see in generations before me; my confidantes, friends, colleagues know no race, no religion, no gender, no societal standing. I was born in a time when the world was my proverbial oyster and was thought to believe I could be anything, do anything. I have not known the ravages of war on a country. I have not experienced segregation purely due to the colour of my skin or my religious beliefs. I have been afforded a good education. I have been privileged to have been allowed to share my thoughts freely, to an formulate independent opinions.

Every country has its own demons. My country battles with corruption, poverty, and crime. Even the pinnacle of democracy – the land of the brave and the home of the free – deals with racial prejudice and violence. Refugees are fleeing atrocities in their homelands and risking their lives/well-being/wealth/families to find a better life abroad. There is no city, no country, no continent that is better off than another. Why do you believe the grass is greener on the other side? Why do we think we need to inflict terror, violence, war on innocent people?
WTF is wrong with the world?!?!

How do we make it a better place?

Is that even possible?

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