So Donald Trump is now calling for a ban on ALL Muslims entering the United States.

Is this dude for real? And this is the man leading the Republican polls? This man wants to be the next President Of The United States. God help us all.

How is Trump different to Hitler? Will his next statement be there will be no free speech? Will he start America’s apartheid era? Will he go down the road of Robert Mugabe and imprison those who speak ill of him?

The scary part of all this is, as a colleague pointed out to me, when Trump says these “controversial” things and is subsequently challenged he is convincing and says it is the opinion of these times. Unfortunately he is right. I’m pretty sure emotion clouded the judgement of those shot in California, those massacred in Paris where each one of those people and there families have thought the very same thing. Yet logic kicks in and reassures us it is but a few “rotten apples” not the whole crate that is bad.

Yes we live in a shitty world and we stereotype and judge others too much. Yet I don’t, for a millisecond, believe that banning a religion will decrease acts of terror. EVERY SINGLE RELIGION has its fanatics who distort and radicalise vulnerable counterparts. In fact, I think banning a religion from entering the country will only serve to radicalise those already in the country as they will inevitably be shunned and persecuted in their communities – thus creating “home-grown” radicals. Its a vicious cycle.

Honestly, I’m pretty scared that the American people will be convinced of Trump’s rhetoric and vote him into power. ISIS is already providing the propaganda. Surely a better tactic would be to show a united front as a country, a people, the world against radicals?

I’m not an American citizen and don’t have a say in the next presidential vote. But I do care about who the next “leader of the free world” is – it will impact us all. The old adage of “when America sneezes, the world gets a cold” rings true. Through actions and consequences in the worlds recent history, us in the rest of the world (or deepest, darkest Africa) are affected by decisions made by “superpowers”. The global economic recession created a domino effect – started in the states and one-by-one countries fell into its grip…hell, here in RSA we are still feeling the aftermath. Terrorism and the war on terror pulled in many of the worlds superpowers.

In this tirade I by no means am saying my country is all hunky-dory. Far from it. Yet, while JZ (my president) is many things (and known for many more things) compared to Trump and his “outbursts”, JZ looks pretty damn good !

Please, people of the United States…use logic and not emotion for presidential candidate decisions. Cause it does affect the rest of us.

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