JZ, you did what?

Just as I thought I was lucky to have JZ over Trump….JZ, in true JZ form, stuffed it all up.

We (South Africans and the world) woke up on Thursday morning to a new finance minister. Not that the last one was screwing up…. Nhlanhla Nene inherited the country’s economy at a bad time, and curbed government spending halting parties, private aircraft etc. Nene’s decision to block the national carrier, South African Airways, deal with Airbus is thought to have been the final nail in his ministerial coffin. Mostly as the CEO of SAA is said to be Zuma’s side-chick. Yes, world, South Africa has its own Olivia Pope.

Nene was replaced with David Van Rooyen. Now, if you were like me, you were thinking that is a white man. In fact, my thought process was something like this…Big up to a white Afrikaans man for supporting ANC during the apartheid regime. And then. I get the shock of my life. David Van Rooyen is neither white nor Afrikaans.

Van Rooyen’s appointed was greeted with skepticism and concern. We knew nothing about this guy – who was he? Rumour had it he was mayor of a town in Gauteng and left it in dire straits and was fired. The Rand fell sharply. Foreign investors tried to get out as soon as possible. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange lost over $10 billion in the space of two days.

Social media went into over-drive with #ZumaMustFall, petitions (started by influential individuals) and plans to march to parliament and the Union buildings on the 16th of December (a public holiday here, the day of reconciliation). Ofcourse, the Zuma press office went into over-drive putting out a statement every 12 hours it seemed.

Then came Sunday night. Zuma fired Van Rooyen and appointed Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance – apparently JZ took into account the representations made to him over his Van Rooyen appointment. Gordon was the minister of finance prior to Nene. Fifteen minutes after the announcement of Gordhan as finance minister, the Rand gained ground.

As of this morning RSA is on the brink of being handed “junk” status in terms of our economic outlook. JZ’s rash decision making – without consulting the “big 6” – just makes us, as a country, seem unstable. We’re the laughing stock. JZ thinks he is invincible and can do whatever he pleases… When will the country see that? We need good, stable, professional leadership to get us out of this funk.

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