Is it over yet?

I write this sitting in an airport, waiting for my flight. I can’t wait to sit down and sleep for a long while. Do nothing while laying out in the sun…sounds like heaven…even if it is only Durban.

At this point of the year – my only break as I work through the rest of December –ย I’m exhausted beyond comprehension. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past two days and I guess its also catching up to me – and when I am exhausted, I get emotional…especially when I wished colleagues farewell until 2016. Most of my colleagues, friends and loved ones are on leave for the rest of the year… I get two days and back at work on Monday the 21st. No rest for the wicked, I guess.

I’ve been put through the ringer this year and ,in a few years… I’ll say I came out stronger but right now, at this stitch in time, there aren’t even words to describe how drained I feel…physically, emotionally and intellectually. This year has gotten to me so bad that I can’t even verbalise how I feel about it without getting emotional (even compared to the year I lost two close family members in quick succession).

Is it just me or does the rest of the world feel the same? I really hope my few days off will leave me recharged…is that too much to ask?

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