How would you describe 2015 in five words? This topic is currently trending on twitter and I decided to jump in on the bandwagon.

Here are mine…


  1. The longest rough-patch I’ve had.
  2. The struggle is f#%*ing real.

5 Descriptive Words: 

  1. Heart-breaking.
  2. Soul-destroying.
  3. Rock-bottom.
  4. Therapeutic.
  5. Growth.

A person’s character is neither built nor tested in rosy times. We all have to weather storms, have the wind knocked out of our sails (literally and figuratively) and have our “crying-relentlessly-on-the-bathroom-floor (or car)-contemplating-suicide” moment.

It is in these trying times we figure out who we are, what we want and deserve, what we are willing to fight for and who has our back. Its terribly humbling, emotional (hell, I’m getting emotional even writing this) and  eye-opening…

How would you describe 2015…in five words?

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