Happiness Jar

Yesterday I received the most thoughtful, inspiring gift. I’ve seen it on Pinterest but, as with all things Pinterest something else distracts you.

I was gifted a “Happiness Jar” by someone very close to me and who has seen me at my worst…and still loves me…which makes the whole thing more special and more emotional (in a good way). The premise behind it is that whenever something makes you happy or inspired you write it down with the date and pop it into the jar. By year end there will (hopefully) be a jar full of little moments that made the year special.

The whole idea of a jar of happy things may seem a bit strange for some people – and its mostly those (and I’m stereotyping) who need it the most!I’ve made versions of the Happiness Jar for other people before – just little sayings, thought, phrases for every day to make them feel special (and I’m sure they didn’t like it and thought it weird/stupid…they didn’t see that it was my way of showing them how much they meant to me) but I’ve never ever did it for myself. In hindsight I would have loved something like that.

Jar Instructions


Dearest Kusha

This is your “Happy Jar” for this year.

Every time something good happens, write it down on a piece of paper, with the date.

Put it in the jar and build up a collection go awesome things!

You can read them on New Years day 2017.

You can decorate your jar, I started you off with a star just to remind you what you are!

Wishing you a VERY full jar!

Lots of Love”


I simply love having people in my life who are quite literally kicking my ass into doing something good for myself. I’m guilty of prioritising everyone and everything else before myself.  Too often, as a member of the “entitlement generation” I forget the little things that made my day – even if its only a moment. I’ll be the first one to say I go from 0 – 100 in negativity and despair… in about two seconds. I’m hoping the jar will make my cherish the little things in life.

So now, my aim is to make my nearest and dearest keep jars too… Its something so simple yet I can see us reaping the rewards later on; if its only for our self-esteem! At least when we look back on it we can have a laugh, be grateful or smile – even when times are rough!


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