A bit of a reflective and sensitive post…

Relationships are hard; be they with family, friends, partners.

There is no relationship in the world where one is happy and “head-over-heels” at all time. The puppy love, heart-skips-a-beat all the time doesn’t exist. It is a misconception brought on by Hollywood…Personally, I thought it was like that. But that’s the naive girl-mind in me who has watched too many romantic comedies.

I’ve watched many of my friends – young and old struggle with it .My grown-up realistic mind knows that if you enjoy a persons company, miss them and love them – that is real, true love and worth fighting for. Ask anyone who is married how hard it is… No-one has it easy…

I’ve learned that the person you want to reach out to in times of your own vulnerability and emotional state is YOUR person. The one you are completely comfortable with and can have good conversations with – let’s face it, looks fade.

But both parties have to work at it and take responsibility for their own actions during relationships. I feel that most people (and it’s not gender specific) think that there is no point in working – that’s it’s all supposed to be easy. The only easy thing is if you have an ease – comfort – with the person.

I’ve seen couples successfully work through infidelity…yet others give up and run away at the first sign of “conflict” or disagreement. There are some people who place their partners on pedestals and expect them to be perfect – never change….yet it’s life, evolving is part of the process and the fun part is growing up and growing old together (again, if you are understanding, willing to look at the other persons point of view and talk through stuff when things get rough).

As with life, all relationships ebb and flow – there really great times and there are times you can’t stand each other. We are easy to throw around phrases like “I hate you” when in fact its something the person has said or done that has bought you to that state. Divorce is too common these days – people don’t work for or at anything anymore. My generation has instant gratification so deeply ingrained that we fail to recognise faults in ourselves and remember that others are fallible humans.

Friendships, partners, family… That’s life. It’s also important to understand that people screw up and everyone is at different stages with different forms of baggage in their life. People deserve chances…to grow up and try again.

Anything great in this world is worth fighting for. I’ve lost people (in all relationship forms) and I do regret it – though I can honestly say that I have tried my all…

Trying…that’s all a person can do.

I truly wish more people gave life and relationships a real chance.

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