#ChinUpTitsOut – Book 1, A Review

Monday, 4 April 2016, 9:35am:

I walk into a friend’s office ready for my mid-morning coffee and snack (I start work at 7:00am). The moment I walked in, my friend M looks at me with a very determined, enthusiastic, “you-will-listen-to-me” look in her eye, points to me with one arm, hand gesturing with the other arm, says “Kush, Chin Up and Tits Out!”

Now M is awesome; energetic, straight-talking, creative lovable and the most positive person I know. Definitely a role model and inspiration to me and definitely someone I want to be like when I grow up (yes, I’m still hoping I grow up at some point)!  When M gets an idea in her head…come hell or high water, she will get it done. So when she stared straight at me, arms waving all over the place and screaming at me “Chin Up and Tits Out!” I honestly thought she had finally lost her mind. What the hell is this woman on about?

It came out in fits and giggles. There was this book I HAD to read. Called “Chin Up Tits Out”. Apparently this is something I can relate to it and learn from it. M knew the author and  she had mentioned her to me previously (before we knew she was an author). M was a key figure in my life when everything around me fell to pieces. She helped me navigate through decisions and situations. Through my toughest days M was there to guide me, advise me and make me laugh. Make me laugh a lot. Even while crying.  I was a sight! During one of my more quiet moments M mentioned that I reminded her of someone and if we ever met we could share war stories (so to speak). The person M mentioned was ofcourse, the author of a chic-lit book “Chin Up and Tits Out”.

After the initial pride, confidence and excitement exuded by M, she had a flash…”WTF,  I really hope I’m not in the book”.  Ofcourse, M was a little freaked out – was there a character she could relate to in the book? She knew the author pretty well…and authors tend to write their experiences.

As I trust M with all my life, I purchased the kindle version of “Remember, No Matter What; Chin Up Tits Out” by Miranda Oh immediately. Being a Monday (and thankfully a slow day at work) I sat in M’s office devouring page after page. All in one sitting. (I did read out a few passages to M that I knew would make her a bit nostalgic).

Coming back to the present, I recently re-read the book and wanted to share a little review… (I have more urges to write these days – can you tell?) 😛

“Remember, No matter What; Chin Up Tits Out” takes the reader on a journey through Hadley’s life. Hadley, the protagonist, is everything I wish I was at her age. Sassy, confident, somewhat independent, free spirit. At 18, she had a serendipitous (or her mom may call it kismet) encounter with the exotic foreigner from Africa … who swept her off her feet… and the consequences thereof!

The book chronicles the journey of young love… the passionate, exciting and naive first serious love we all experience in one way or another. Yet, the prologue of the book hints at a deeper story… And then there are certain points in the book where you suspect things are not as they seem in the relationship… I almost wanted to shout out to Hadley, make her a. But…at one point or another, we’ve all been in intoxicated and delirious loves where we ignore warning signs, so we can all relate. Truthfully, how many of us would have listened to  the warnings of our nearest and dearest? I know I didn’t. In hindsight, yes it all becomes a lot clearer.

Overall, the book is perfect “Chic-Lit”, an easy but riveting read about young, free, passionate love.  Reading “Remember, No matter What; Chin Up Tits Out” kept me entertained and curious, but also took my mind of my problems yet surprisingly made me  change my perspective about certain things (mostly my relationships) – like any good book should!

After reading it, I actually reached out to Miranda on Twitter (ah, the joys of twitter). I introduced myself and mentioned the mutual connection we had with M. I also expressed how I could emotionally relate to Hadley’s infatuation. Since then, Miranda and I have grown to be friends – reaching out to each other for advice, for a random chat, for words of encouragement… and I think we share different perspectives on life, even if we are in the same situation.

Miranda‘s second book – part 2 of the “Chin Up Tits Out” series is due around February 2017. I asked Miranda if I could perhaps “interview” her on the book, her writing and publication experiences as well as a few personal questions thrown in…. Even though I’m kinda of a “nobody”, she agreed! Stay tuned for a very interesting conversation!

Till then,

k x

5 thoughts on “#ChinUpTitsOut – Book 1, A Review

  1. Ggggiiirrrlllll!!! Amazingly written, can’t wait for part 2 of your story! I think the best thing about being an ‘author’ is that I get to hear all the stories on how MY story changed their lives. It is the best thing in the world that now I have a global reach at helping people through my crazy ass experiences, and wine-soaked events.


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