Sneak Peek: #ChinUpTitsOut Book 2

Earlier this week I was privileged even to be able to read a sneak peak of Miranda Oh‘s upcoming book, a sequel to “Remember No Matter What: Chin Up Tits Out” (my review of that is here). You may have seen my interview with Miranda Oh (if you have not, check it out here).

Thursday 19th Jan 23:00pm, with a throbbing tooth (my right lower wisdom is making its appearance – a little late in life but hey, I’m a late bloomer, ok)  I couldn’t sleep so I reached over for my phone wanting to mindlessly check out social media – not the best sleep hygiene, I know.

A certain Whatsapp message caught my attention.  “Check your inbox”, I was intrigued… So I open up my email and lo and behold… there was a sneak peak of Miranda Oh’s sequel: “When all else fails: Chin Up Tits Out”. The prologue and Chapter 1, to be exact.

I started reading through it and devoured the pages I received (which conveniently distracted me from the toothache! ). In an instant, I was at the climax to Chapter 1… and the end of the teaser.

First thoughts: “WTF. I NEED MORE!!! I have so many questions now!!!! Dammit, Miranda the suspense is KILLING me!”  (which is pretty much what I messaged back with…)

As is with Book 1, the writing is more like a conversation between girlfriends and flows with ease in “When all else fails: Chin Up Tits Out”. Again, brilliant chic lit (I may be biased though as I don’t read a lot of chic lit…just one other author). You get caught up in the story and emotions. But you can somehow sense there is something not-quite-right brewing, an undercurrent of uncertainly… especially with how Chapter 1 ends.

The prologue of Book 2 fits in very well with the prologue of Book 1. In Book 1 we saw Hadley (the main character) getting ready for a date. Book 2 brings us back to the scene and we learn that it is her first date since her marriage broke. Wait, WHAT?!?! Her marriage?!?! WHAT! (yes – my thoughts).

We have no idea why and its a line you think you read  but can’t believe it…. you have to re-read it to sink into your brain because of the implications. Much like how I felt in a few of the George R. R. Martin series of books “The Song of Ice and Fire” aka Game of Thrones (yes, the HBO show).

Chapter 1 of “When all else fails: Chin Up Tits Out” (book 2) starts with how “Remember No Matter What: Chin Up Tits Out” (book 1) left off… Hadley just got married and was preparing for Riaan’s arrival to start their new life together in Canada. It’s a picture perfect start – think white picket fence, house in suburbia, honeymoon phase….and before the leap into parenthood, they adopt a fur-baby.

Almost as a foreboding of things to come, the couple is faced with yet another challenge (already in Chapter 1 of “When all else fails: Chin Up Tits Out” – have these kids not overcome enough!…again, my thoughts). And then…. Chapter 1 ends. With a bang.

I got so caught up in this preview. And I don’t think it is because I know the author well. The story sucks you in – makes you forget about your problems/troubles/issues for the time you are reading it. And I can stop overthinking or analysing when I read it.

I love to read – anything and everything – and most genres I read make me have to “think” or deal with difficult global issues (e.g. legalities and overarching issues in Jodi Picoult’s “Small Great Things”, the drama in the seven kingdoms of Westeros in “The Song of Ice and Fire series”, hell even in J. K. Rowling’s  “Harry Potter” we had to connect the dots)- if you get what I’m saying. Chic-lit is an escape from life and we all need to indulge overselves.

Miranda’s writing reminds me of Marian Keyes (the only other chic lit author I read… and love – you also get sucked into the everyday life of certain characters). While reading the preview of Book 2, I found myself more “present” and connected while reading, as if I was listening to my friend and letting her get it all out. I relate to Hadley – sensitive and emotional, but all she wants is her happy ending. But what the hell happened to her marriage? What the hell happens with how Chapter 1 of “When all else fails: Chin Up Tits Out” ends?

I. NEED. BOOK. 2. NOW!!!!

If you’d like to also read the preview, please sign up to Miranda’s site here!

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