#GetFitChallenge – Recap of Week 7: Life…happens

Week 7 was a struggle, a major struggle. The life and work boxes of my life are overflowing with urgent matters that resulted in the fitness box being ignored. Not cool. I did the bare minimum in training and the diet, well lets not even go there right now!

My big lesson for week 7 was “Everything in moderation”. Sometimes for the sake of my own mental and physical health I need to set aside time for myself to exercise away the stress, anxiety, worry and eating healthy (and when hungry) to perform and face struggles with “grace” (not that I have much)! So… here is my review…


After my high of week 6, I neither weighed nor noted measurements… Again my internal self feels as though I need to be better than I was last time and with my training and diet being sub-par, I know I will be disappointed in myself.


Only four and a half hours of training this week… 90 minute hot yoga on Sunday and two barre classes and a pilates class two days later. It was my third triple (barre, barre and pilates right after each other) which was pretty cool.

My training schedule was not as good as the other weeks – mostly due to traveling and life stuff. I’ve felt it emotionally and physically: craving exercise and my anxiety levels are at an all time HIGH! I need to move, I need to stop thinking, I need to sweat it out.


This has been the WORST week for my diet. And I’m pretty sure I ate away all my gains over the past six weeks.

I’m very much an emotional eater and with my life slowly crumbling before my eyes in Week 7, I ate my way through it all… not through junk but with “healthy” food. Way too many protein bars (with no training), loads of nuts, deep fried and sweet homemade goodies (yup, was at my parents again) and tons of dark chocolate.

Even though I have not had sweets, intentionally added sugar to any meals or eaten taken aways and junk food – I feel crap (both physical and emotional). With the lack of routine, I have been missing my Omega and probiotic supplements…


The end of week 7 is rough and I assume week 8 is going to be pretty damn hard. In addition to being on a busy-as-hell work cycle (and already pissed off from work emails I read while on holiday – I know, my bad!), I am dealing with lots of big family stuff and my own hormones and bloating this week…. and trying to detox from my Week 7 disaster!

A warning to all: Take cover! 

Looking forward: Week 8 

I can’t believe it will be the last week of the challenge! It makes me sad… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge – I didn’t even think I would cope past week 2. It was my first ever challenge and I will definitely sign up for another one!

Physically, barre and pilates have targeted areas of my body that have been problems for years (and I did learn that it only takes a week of bad eating and self pity to undo the hard work)!

Emotionally and Mentally, it has given me an outlet for my stress, anxiety and low moods. Pushing myself in the challenge has also made me more disciplined and careful of what I put into and how I treat my body…

Week 8, lets do this! I’ve set myself a pretty hefty challenge with 6 hours of barre, 2 hours of pilates, 1 hour of general training and hopefully I can squeeze in hot yoga on Sunday (which is technically week 9).

k x

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