Hi, my name is Kusha.
Born and bred in South Africa, I am a product of Gen Y and trying – like so many of my generation – to find my way and place in the world.

A scientist by profession (there have been stumbling blocks and learning curves I had to manoeuvre before realising I love being in a lab and helping people), I love to learn and expand my horizons.

This blog is a way to express myself, about things I want to write about – my little corner of the world-wide-web to rant, rave and release…. I am not very creative but I do like to write….

I hope you resonate or have opinions about some of my posts… please feel free to comment!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow my sweet friend, you write the most beautiful things! You truly have a talent! You ate an amazing human being and I love you to bits! Never lose hope xxx


  2. Kush, you’re the bravest & sweetest friend in the whole wide world! 2016 is going to be sunshine & smiley faces! Sorry for all your downfalls & mishaps in life… I know you are a strong cup of tea! I wish only love, success & happiness in your life! May you make peace with the past & find courage to conquer the future! Millions of hugs & smiles! xoxo


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