Miranda Oh

I previously reviewed the book "Remember, no matter what; Chin Up Tits Out" by Miranda Oh (you can find the review here). Miranda has become a friend and fortunately she agreed to let me (me....a nobody!) "interview" her for this blog! Book 2 of the Chin Up Tits Out series is due in February 2017 and I, for … Continue reading Miranda Oh

Happiness Jar

Yesterday I received the most thoughtful, inspiring gift. I've seen it on Pinterest but, as with all things Pinterest something else distracts you. I was gifted a "Happiness Jar" by someone very close to me and who has seen me at my worst...and still loves me...which makes the whole thing more special and more emotional … Continue reading Happiness Jar


After my somewhat “enlightened” previous post I fell into a rough patch - and it made me go back and read those words. Again. And again. And again. And again.  Intellectually and logically it all makes sense but emotionally - to the very self-critical person I am - it did not make sense. 2015 has … Continue reading 2015